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Sabor e Arte is a restaurant in Coimbra known by its quality dishes and take away / delivery service. The restaurant was in need of a system to connect their invoices to their website, which needed to be completely restructured and redesigned.

Their previous website had functionality issues as well as an outdated design. The weak usability frustrated the customers, so it was very important for the owners that the webpage gave users the opportunity to order food to take away or delivery in a smooth and uncomplicated manner. It was also important for it to connect with their invoice system, so that orders would be easier to process.

HYP created a website from scratch for the restaurant according to those needs. A modern and elegant design was thought out, in order to comply with the restaurant’s current style. The website now allows people to order their food online and receive it at their homes. It is connected to the invoice system at the restaurant, to make it easier for the employees to invoice the requests that are made through the website.

The website is responsive to mobile devices.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery, Mandrill

User Experience