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CIAL is a company that sells mobile industry parts. It was founded in 1944 and has now over 70 years of proven quality and experience in all of their services.

The company needed to increase their online visibility due to being in a very competitive market. This need led them to HYP, where we helped them understand how they could improve their online presence and make the company's outside appearance more dynamic and modern.

Since CIAL did not have a website, HYP developed one for them. A Wordpress theme was created from scratch to make sure it was adapted to CIAL's needs. The design had CIAL's current design as a base, and we made sure to focus on the best user experience for the result to be a modern and functional design.

The website allows the admin to keep the content up to date, using the website's back-office, and it is adapted to mobile devices.

Technologies: Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP

User Experience